We can take care of your website, publish your content in social media, newsletters, and manage your course portal! And more…

Monica Beckstrøm,
entrepreneur & virtual assistent (VA)

Take control. Outsource more tasks without hiring and get your time back! 

At YOUR Communication we are a little different, we offer flexible virtual services. We want to take off the pressure so that you get your time back, less stress and the opportunity to be in the process of developing your business.


“Whats in it for You?”

Our goal is to make your workday more flexible – while making things done.

You focus on what it is important that YOU do – and let us take care of other tasks (which you strictly do not need to do yourself). As a result, you get back your time, less stress – and can give priority to developing your business, more time for family, or taking care of yourself.

More time
Less stress
Regular expenses

Your communication – for you!

For us, it’s about your communication. About how your business appears on its website and in social media. About how to communicate with your customers in the collaboration between you and the experience of the product or service that you offer. Strategy, structure and systems are other ways of communicating too. It’s about being the same in all channels and having a clear message. It is comprehensive communication. Which makes it easy to recognize your business.

This is what we in YOUR Communication are inspired by. We offer you a collaboration that is virtual and more flexible than hiring.

In addition to all the benefits of working with us (Predictability, more time, less stress, fixed costs, “colleague” and systems), there are some costs you can free yourself from to:

  • Employers’ contribution and insurance
  • Equipment like PC and Mobile and you benefit from many of our subscriptions
  • To expand your office! We work from home or from anywhere, but we basically do not come to you …

Hva jeg og mine samarbeidspartnere ser etter hos deg?

Vi ønsker et samarbeid basert på tillit og god kommunikasjon. Det er like viktig for oss å få rett kunde som det er for deg å få rett leverandør. Drømmekundene våre har mange ting til felles med oss. Ikke alle har alt på plass, men et ønske om å få hjelp på veien, da går vi gjerne sammen da vi har mye erfaring og kunnskap å dele.


3+ år i business

Stort hjerte


Stabil økonomi

Tydelig brand


Do You want to be our first international customer?

We do not have any international customers yet. But since we (Monica Beckstrøm) operate in different international groups and networks for business and virtual assistance we want to be presented in english too. We would love to welcome you to work with us, so please contact us if you would like to learn more.


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